Microsoft Azure AD Adoption Kit

I am sure most of you have worked with Azure AD, but did you know there is a Microsoft Azure AD Adoption Kit available? Adoption Kits are a collection of links, content, and references to help your customers implement or deploy a set of features to achieve a business outcome.

Adoption kits are broken up in the following sections to map to the product lifecycle of customers:

  • Awareness – Basic information about products, services, and features. This typically includes product overviews, case studies, licensing information, and business value.
  • Training​ – Resources to help IT implementers gain confidence in the services and products before they deploy. The intention is to point to books, videos, exploration material, and other readiness resources.
  • Planning – Larger organizations will need design guidance to assist them with their planning.
  • End-user readiness and communication – Changes affecting users’ needs to be communicated and end-users have to be trained to use the product/features.​Posters, tent cards, email templates, stickers, and videos.
  • Testing – General test recommendations. ​​
  • Deployment​ – Resources to help deploy the capability and/or features.
  • Management – Resources for operations, troubleshooting, and monitoring.
  • Support and feedback – Pointers to the where to get help.

I have attached these below Adoption kit. You can also download from this location –


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