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In this blog, I have attempted to provide guidance, tools, and resources to help you in the journey to learn and deploy Microsoft Security solutions. Learn about the different Microsoft solutions encompassing Azure and M365 Security to effectively manage and build and operate strong security practice within your organization.

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How Microsoft Security partners enable customers to accomplish more with less

The global cybersecurity talent shortage is now 2.72 million, and economic uncertainty has put the spotlight on extracting the highest possible return on investments. The Microsoft Security partner opportunity grew 21 percent year-over-year across the board in Microsoft 365 security, cloud security, compliance, and identity. Microsoft Security partners are expanding their existing offerings and creating…

Microsoft Insider Risk Management and new improvements for a complicated data landscape.

Microsoft Insider Risk Management helps organizations quickly identify and mitigate insider risks. Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management is built with privacy by design. It empowers security teams to better understand what relevant data activities are the riskiest within their organization, create policies, and then investigate and mitigate these risks. Insider Risk Management is enhancing analytics…

Reduced risks and expenses from a Microsoft security stack

Technology stacks for security have evolved into a jumbled mix of point solutions. As CISOs pivot to prioritize around post-COVID-19 security strategies, it’s a good time to revisit ways to streamline environments. Consider a more integrated approach that provides comprehensive protection and enhanced capabilities. A study found that organizations using Microsoft Defender for Office 365…

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