Security and Information Protection for Multi-Region Organizations with a Single Microsoft 365 Tenant

Have you ever wrestle with how to meet security and information protection objectives across different regions?

How do you approach security and information protection systematically?

How to apply for protection consistently across regions?

Does your customer organization need Office 365 Multi-Geo?

How Office 365 Multi-Geo affect security and information protection?

Administration with a single tenant?

What is the best roadmap for implementing Microsoft Threat Protection?

How to use Compliance features consistently across geographies?

These are some of the high-level questions customers often ask, and we struggle to find an answer so let me help here.

  • Using a single Microsoft 365 tenant for your global customer is the best choice and experience for many reasons. There are two approaches you can suggest: Recommended and Not Recommended.

  • Approaching security and information protection systematically
    • A recommended systematic approach for implementing security and information protection includes these phases:
      • Protect privileged accounts
      • Reduce the surface of attack
      • Protect against known threats
      • Protect against unknown threats
      • Assume breach
      • Continuous monitoring and auditing.
  • I have attached a couple of documents one is a PDF which helps you answer all the above questions, and the second one is an excel sheet for Microsoft 365 Security Business Decision makers (BDMs). This spreadsheet is an excellent piece, please use it to yourself, or share it with your customer BDMs.

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