Microsoft Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are the weakest link in a security chain. As per the Verizon data breach report, 81% of breaches leverage stolen or weak passwords.

If you only do one thing to help protect yourself, turn on MFA. We support a broad range of authentication options to fit the needs for your business and your users. For security, flexibility, convenience, and cost we recommend Microsoft Authenticator mobile app. For Azure AD Free and Office 365, OATH/SMS/Voice are not included. See for details.

As bio-metrics for mobile phones and computers become universal, password replacement options have increased in the modern workplace

  • Windows Hello for Business : Windows Hello for Business replaces passwords with strong multi-factor authentication on Windows 10 platforms. Use either a bio-metric or PIN to authenticate to enterprise apps, content, and resources without a password being store.
  • Microsoft Authenticator app : Microsoft Authenticator is a free mobile app on iOS and Android that can replace or augment passwords with push notification approvals, one-time passcodes,and additional verification of a biometric gesture on the device or the device PIN.
  • FIDO2-compliant security keys : FIDO2-compliant security keys are cryptographic credentials in a variety of form factors, including USB keys or NFC-enabled smart cards. They can be protected with a second factor such as a fingerprint (integrated into the security key) or a device PIN to be entered at sign in.

Microsoft Authenticator supports push notifications, one-time passcodes, and bio-metrics for any Azure AD-connected app and is free to download from the Apple and Android app stores. It also supports passwordless authentication. Windows Hello is another secure and convenient option (requires Win10 installed).

If you’re hesitant to turn on MFA, there are ways to minimize disruption and make it a smooth transition for your users. With the right access policies, users are only prompted for MFA when it’s necessary.

You can also use self-service portals for quick registration and password reset—saving your Help Desk thousands, or even millions, of dollars each year.

Based on Microsoft’s research, MFA can reduce the risk of a compromise by 99.9%.

Benefits of eliminating passwords

  • Sign in to applications and services faster. There are no passwords to create, store,or remember.
  • Gain a higher degree of trust and security for apps, devices, and service providers.
  • Dramatically reduce IT support team costs from password resets.

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