Security Total cost of risk calculator (TCR) from Microsoft

This Security TCR Deep Dive Tool has been developed with the goal to provide an opportunity for the field to engage in a detailed conversation about the Total Risk Cost opportunity deriving by adopting Microsoft 365 security solutions.

This tool is a sales aid based on Microsoft® Excel® that uses a ‘what-if’ approach to calculate the potential benefits and cost savings from the adoption of EMS and Microsoft 365 security solutions. I have attached User Guide and the Calculator, you can also download from here – TCR calculator and TCR Calculator User Guide



What you can do with this tool?

  • Achieve results in 7 clicks
  • Go deeper for more tailored results
  • Choose from simple licensing options
  • Demonstrate the ROI benefits of security
  • Includes 80+ competitive products and price points

Informed by Credible 3rd Parties

  • All data points sourced from credible 3rd parties (like Forrester), and cited
  • All calculations and assumptions are visible
  • All metrics are editable

The benefits are calculated across three pillars: Platform adoption costs and benefits, Security TCR, and Single platform synergy benefits. The costs that are calculated include software, deployment costs, and training and are only directional and may not apply to all customer scenarios. The additional cost Take-out section adds all the savings that are possible if the customer stops using previously purchased security solutions from other vendors. Facility costs and any hardware related costs, except for BYOD, are excluded from this analysis.

The tool provides support for two main scenarios:

  • A simplified customer scenario: the field user can quickly take the customer through few quick simple steps, customize some basic information and produce a summary report to provide a high-level view of the costs and benefits deriving from the adoption of Microsoft 365 security solutions.
  • A “deep dive” scenario: where the user can choose to customize all data in the model and enable a discussion on each item within the model with their customer; in this case, the summary results will be much more specific and thorough.
    The user should familiarize with the tool before engaging in a conversation (some of the implications may affect results in unexpected ways).

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