Office 365 Everything you wanted to know

I found this beautiful document on Office 365 created by one of my colleagues in Microsoft so thought of sharing it with you all. I have attached the document here – Office 365 – Everything You Wanted to Know I hope this will be useful to you.

How to use this document?

The intended audience of this document are the IT Pros (Primary) and Developers (Secondary) in Organizations using or planning to deploy Office 365. They can use this document as a reference to learn Office 365 capabilities, plan the adoption journey and develop applications.

This document is meant to complement existing Office 365 resources available online on Microsoft and, Office Blogs and Support websites, and draws heavily from them for content. High-level information on Office 365 and its service is aggregated and made available in one place.

A successful Office 365 roll out focuses on driving adoption and helping everyone understand the benefits of working in a new way. The sections – Four steps towards successful adoption and Getting Started Scenarios give walk through of the guidance and resources available from Microsoft for successful adoption.

Office365 Everything

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