How Microsoft Security partners enable customers to accomplish more with less

The global cybersecurity talent shortage is now 2.72 million, and economic uncertainty has put the spotlight on extracting the highest possible return on investments. The Microsoft Security partner opportunity grew 21 percent year-over-year across the board in Microsoft 365 security, cloud security, compliance, and identity. Microsoft Security partners are expanding their existing offerings and creating new offerings in all these areas. Security deployment, advisory, solutions development, and managed services are needed now more than ever. Within the USD247 billion cybersecurity market, security services spending is projected to reach USD77 billion by the end of 2022.

Microsoft partners are moving beyond their core specialty to provide a wider range of services to customers. Microsoft is seeing a surge in organizations looking for a trusted managed detection and response (MDR) partner. With more than 785,000 customers using Microsoft’s advanced security products, the partner opportunity is tremendous. Most organizations don’t have IoT security at all, and those that do often need help integrating it. Microsoft Defender for IoT positions partners to solve both problems for customers.

Do More with Less with Microsoft Security

Simplify Vendor Management
• Integrate up to 50 product categories
• Eliminate redundant capabilities
• Consolidate the number of contracts to manage
• Cut third-party consulting and deployment costs.

Reduce threats with AI and Automation
• Detect and respond faster and more accurately to attacks and insider risks
• Protect and govern your sensitive data
• Manage and govern your on-premises, multi-cloud, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data
• Improve compliance, monitor and remediate potentially risky activity, and safely enable productive work for employees using multiple devices in multiple locations

Improve Operational Efficiency
• Increase SecOps efficiency with a unified SIEM and XDR experience
• Secure access across your multifaceted digital landscape and the connected world
• Protect against breaches with deeply integrated solutions that secure identities, devices apps, and data
• Improve visibility across identities and endpoints.

You can find the Microsoft official blog post here – How Microsoft Security partners are helping customers do more with less – Microsoft Security Blog

Top takeaways for our partners

Microsoft partners have an amazing opportunity to showcase their security proficiency, drive new growth, and create real-world impact. We invite all our partners to download our commissioned Forrester report to spur ideas on how to differentiate and expand their business.

  • If you don’t have a security practice yet, now is the time! Explore a managed security services practice, such as managed XDR.
  • If you’re already offering your customers security services, you should consider going bigger! Lean into governance, risk management, and compliance and privacy with Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Priva.
  • Bolster security for small and medium-sized businesses with our Microsoft Defender for Business partner kit.

Be sure to check out our sessions at Microsoft Inspire that go deeper into these topics as well:

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