Microsoft Azure AD Self Service Group Management SSGM

Did you know about Self Service Group Management which is part of Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1 or EM+S E3?

By using the self-service group management features, the day-to-day control of group membership can be delegated to people in the business who understand the business context for that membership. The SSGM Access Panel already provides users with single sign on to SaaS applications. There are added tabs on the Access Panel where users can now see, create, and manage groups.

I have attached SSGM Adoption Kit for your reference, download from here – Self Service Group Management

Features include:

  • Self-service group management for security groups
  • Security group membership requests and approvals
  • Application access management using user-managed security groups


  • Reduced Administrative costs for managing groups
  • Increased end user productivity in setting up groups for collaboration

Key Capabilities:

  • User Managed Groups – Self Service group membershipSSGM
  • Dynamic membership of group – Self Service group membership.
  • Administrator managed groupsSSGM1.jpg
  • Synced groups.SSGM2.jpg

What is the business value?

  • Superior economics: Reduces the cost, time, and workload of IT Support with Self-service group management
  • Dynamic resource management: Streamlined, Simplified, and secured resource management
  • Intuitive usage: Simple, easy to deploy, and customizable access portal.

SSGM articles –


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