The Best of Microsoft Compliance Solutions at Ignite March 2021!

This will be your guide to the best things about Microsoft Compliance Solutions at Ignite March 2021. Bookmark it. Save it.  Come back to it. Share it. Reference it. Enjoy.

Microsoft Ignite March 2021 may be over but that does not mean you have to stop learning about Microsoft Compliance.  Earlier this year Microsoft CVP of Security, Compliance, and Identity (SCI), Vasu Jakkal spoke about how Microsoft surpassed over $10 billion of security business revenue. And while that’s a significant milestone we are just getting started.  We are not just best in suite; we are best in breed. Just ask Gartner – the Magic Quadrants we reside in say so.  

Here is a quick recap of the Compliance announcements you may have missed:

Microsoft Compliance Announcements

Additionally, here goes the list of on-demand sessions you must absolutely watch in case you missed.

Security Keynote

CVP Vasu Jakkal talked about Microsoft’s vision on Security for All including how to reduce complexity and defend your organization against business risk with innovations in security, compliance, identity, and management. She is joined by a star studded cast, Security leader Andrew Conway, Identity leader Irina Nechaeva, and Compliance leader Alym Rayani, as they dig into the latest news, releases, and updates. WATCH ON-DEMAND Security for All

Compliance Keynote

Microsoft Compliance GM Alym Rayani illuminates how Microsoft’s risk management and compliance solutions enable you to identify and respond to these emerging risks while keeping your most important information safe. WATCH ON-DEMAND Manage risk and secure information across your environment

Compliance Sessions

Ask the Experts

Security & Compliance Certifications

Security & Learning Path (Online – Free)

Compliance Blogs

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