Microsoft 365 for Enterprise Foundation Infrastructure

If you’re doing the end-to-end deployment of Microsoft 365 for enterprise yourself, you should first build a firm foundation upon which applications and services can unlock creativity and teamwork in a secure environment. This foundation is sometimes referred to as a core deployment.

For a defined end-to-end path for deployment, you can use these phases to plan for and deploy the foundation infrastructure of Microsoft 365 for enterprise:





Phase 1: Networking

Your network is optimized for access to Microsoft 365’s cloud-based services.

Phase 2: Identity

Your admin accounts are protected, your users and groups are synchronized, and your user authentication is strong.

Phase 3: Windows 10 Enterprise

Your existing Windows-based computers can upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise and new devices are installed with Windows 10 Enterprise.

Phase 4: Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

Your existing users of Microsoft Office can upgrade to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.

Phase 5: Mobile device management

Your devices can be enrolled and managed.

Phase 6: Information protection

Microsoft 365 security features are enabled and your labels and policies are ready to protect documents and email.

The phases start with the most foundational (networking and identity), and then create layers of infrastructure settings and groups to:

  • Install the most current and secure version of Windows on your devices and keep it current.
  • Install the most current version of Microsoft Office on your devices and keep it current.
  • Manage your organization’s devices and their access to apps.
  • Protect the information on those devices and in the cloud.

The Microsoft 365 for enterprise foundation infrastructure poster is a central location for you to view, for each phase:

  • The overall goals of the phase for administrators and users
  • The services, features, and tools
  • The key design decisions for planning
  • The configuration results
  • The process for on-boarding a new user
  • How to monitor and update

I have attached the poster for your reference. Please download from here – Microsoft 365 Enterprise Foundation Infrastructure

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