Microsoft 365 E5 Security can replace up to 26 other security vendors

Did you know that M365 E5 can replace up to 26 other security solutions? Using Microsoft Security categories like:

  1. Identity and Access Management
  2. Threat Protection
  3. Information Protection
  4. UEM
  5. CASB

Here we have expanded out the view of the different security solution areas that were represented at a higher category level above. From there, we wanted to identify the security capabilities areas where Microsoft 365 E5 covers; places where other Microsoft solutions cover; areas where Microsoft integrates with; places that either Microsoft services or other partners cover; and finally, places that Microsoft does not cover.

As you can see, Microsoft 365 E5 covers a significant amount of security areas, if you count them up, they equal 26. That means Microsoft 365 E5 customers can consolidate up to 26 other vendors.

Different Vendor’s across Kill Chain:

This attack kill chain may look familiar – it illustrates how a successful phishing attempt works its way through the organization – compromising a user account, subsequent lateral movement to access a high-value asset, and then exfiltration of that data or worse – an entire domain being compromised. We painfully know that these attacks can take weeks and months to execute. We also know that detecting, responding, and successfully remediating these attacks is a slow process, involving different security groups, and requiring different tools.

What we also see are the different popular security solutions that are required across the attack kill chain. It requires significant orchestration to ensure each of these point solutions are working together to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Simplify security, Improve threat protection with M365:

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